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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Gay Role

In the past election the recent that is, there was a partylist group that wanted to take a seat on the nations house of representative. The name is "Ang Ladlad" or to come out. It is represented by the GBLT Gay,bi,lesbian,transsexual group headed by Danton Remoto. The partyList group has been elected on the previous election won a seat in congress and thats it. Being a person that belongs to this group takes pride in having them to serve the people with a purpose that would serve the best interest of million of GLBT all over the Philippines. I was aware of the existence of the group way back then and the year was 2004. I read a Gay oriented magazine and their group was featured on that magazine. Ive read Dantons wide latitude of visions that made me believe in their cause.
Now the group made their way to congress. Stayed there for three good years and nothing happened. I have not read or seen any changes in so far as the caused that they have been fighting for. The aspirations of many has not materialized. The hopes that they made for millions of GLBT out there has been put to waste. Alright let us lay down that "Hope" that I am ranting here. One of the caused that I know Dantons group would pass for congress is the legal bond between both sexes. Where it would be legal to marry a partner of the same sex. Yes we have heard a lot of these myths and story but its not all about the love and lust story that people think of what wer are talking about here is a legal battle, the legal right between the "Pink" bond between the same sexes. Take for instance taxes. On Philippine law if you are married, to the opposite sex of course, then there would be an X amount of deduction from your income tax. And thats the very same issue that these Gay Party List are suppose to battle on.
Now its 2010, yes they made their way to COMELEC despite action for banning them or not having them run again for a seat in congress.Election is over and "Ang Ladlad" did not make it.
I was thinking if they have just walked the talk and made the promise into reality then maybe the party list would have the chance again to make a difference in the life of Gay people out there. NOw they are not happy and Gay.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Poll Watchers Delimma

A few weeks ago I volunteered to be a Poll watcher for People Power Volunteer Center under Aquino-Roxas Bantay Balota. I was really exited to do the job its my first time to participate on a National Campaign like this and a National Election. It was just in a hurry that I said yes for this invitation I am suppose to Vote at my mom's home town, southern part of the province in the town of Inopacan. My cousin is the incumbent mayor and her wife is running for election since its the end of the term of the latter.
Moving on the hurry made me even more exited. I decided to stay since my name was not registered at my moms hometown for the reason that I was not able to vote in the 2007 election. Well yah so much for that, so I decided to say. Being a Poll watcher and be part of history. Its the start of an Automated election for this century.
So its May 10 election day. I was at the polling clustered precinct as early as 7am. I ate my breakfast, I only had a three hour sleep that night.
Everything went well though. The PCOS machine that was on my precinct did not work due to some technical issue but was then fixed soon after.
Now its 11am. My stomach is rumbling a bit. But I did not mind it. But then the clock ticks 12 and I'm starting to worry. My co-watchers from other political groups has had thier lunch delivered to them. Some of them even have snacks before thier lunches were delivered.
The clock tick 1pm and still there was no sign for food. Voters keeps on coming in like hell. The place was so warm and its melting me! I went to the other precinct to check on my other co-poll watcher from my group and some of them still has no lunch yet.
We called our headquarters but has not made any sound. We texted the coordinator assigned to us but was very hesitant to reply. Its really getting to my nerve. I'm about to explode with anger but I have to keep my cool. We then soon realized that the food that was for us was just delivered at the corner of the school block. Such as stupid thing to do for a coordinator earning thousand for doing the job! I have to name drop here. The good coordinator name is JUNNIE DAANTOS a barangay chairman from San Jose a place just a few kilometers from where I live.

It was such a relief when one my my co-poll watcher from the same precinct where I was assigned gave me a pack lunch from their group. Several hours after there came the good and responsible JUNNIE DAANTOS the coordinator carrying crates of packed meals from a motorcycle but still the same thing he just waited outside the school gate as if feeding refugees from prison camp. I informed the HQ about the whole incident and made an apology for such an inconvenience. Even though we are so preoccupied with a lot of concerns let us not forget the essence of service to humanity. It is our moral obligation to serve our people with extra ordinary diligence. So much so if you are paid thousands of pesos for it.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

A challenge to the new President

The party is over. The frenzy that was brought about by the campaign period is over.
There is a great challenge to the new President in waiting to shape the country to a better Philippines as to what he has promised.