I love Tinola

Sunday, March 28, 2010


I am really astonished by the the statement of raymond gutierrez accusing krizaquino of power tripping on her sunday sitcom “the buzz” and quoting raymond“take it as a joke if it happens once, but being bullied every week is a different story. how do you spell P-O-W-E-R T-R-I-P-P-I-N-G?

“When you’re trying to get the whole nation to be on your side, don’t be a bully”

So ironic that is celebrities are fond of doing such deeds. It is a normal phenomenon on show business, Philippine show business is what I am referring to. I have seen movie and TV personality getting back on their “weak” neophyte counterparts. Name it and I seen a few. One example is Mariel a regular host from a popular noontime show ofABS-CBN. I would recall the incident at the show wherein there was a contestant at one of the segment of the said noontime show wherein Mariel snarled and commented a sarcastic remark on the shy elderly contestant.


There is something about the weekends that makes me exited, perhaps you would agree with me on that. For most of the people within my circle its a time to meet and mingle with new acquaintances and possible partners. We would go around bars spend time online checking our planet romeos or life out accounts. Whatever you want to do on the weekend its all up to you.
I would recall the weekends before when I was still uncommitted, would be spending the whole day on the web chatting. My eyes would ache but who cares. Sometimes I would be with friends bar hopping and chilling out or chillaxing so to speak.
However it doesn't matter on how you spend your weekend, for me everything change since I was a little what remains the same is the excitement that abound every time weekends approaches.
The landscape might change, the people you usually spend your time with might be gone, but as always life is a constant change.